The creative founders of TALENT IN THE HOUSE:

World’s leading Quadridexter artist Rajacenna and Celesta, entrepreneur since 1989.


Quadridexter Rajacenna is renowned for her innovative thinking and creative brilliance.

Rajacenna is world’s leading 4-limbed quadridextrous drawing / painting marvel being able to create 10 different photo-realistic artworks with both feet and hands upside down at the same time.

She has a keen eye for detail and has consistently pushed boundaries, challenged the status quo and motivates other people to discover their own skills.

She inspires you to stretch your frontiers to become a better version of you by finding the key to creativity, productivity and effectivity.

The pencil phenomenon has taken art to another level. Her passion for inventing new and unique solutions has led to numerous insights in other people’s life.

Neuro scientists about Rajacenna:

“Rajacenna does everything that neuroscience would not expect to be possible!”
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How did she discovered her hidden talents?

Rajacenna by chance uncovered 4 concealed and unexplored talents, which exposed astonishing creative skills and boundless artistic achievements.

As a teenager of age 16, in 2009, Rajacenna was discovered by an American art publisher and instantly became worldwide known. What set her apart was her remarkable ability to naturally create hyper-photo-realistic drawings seemingly out of nowhere, despite having no prior training. Her drawings were so detailed that they were indistinguishable from photographs and instantly belonged amongst the world’s best artists.

From then the ‘Pencil Ninja’, as journalists called Rajacenna started as a professional artist and appeared worldwide in many tv programs, radio shows, magazines, newspapers and internet. She was featured at Reuters, NBC, the New York Times, the DailyMail, the Telegraph and the NewYorkPost.

At the age of 17, Rajacenna was one of the 400 most inspiring women and received the ‘Born to lead’ Cosmopolitan Award. She was invited by Justin Bieber’s record company to meet him and was hired by Sony Pictures (on invitation of famous triple Crown actress Viola Davis). She also was featured in the Elite exhibition in the Mailbox in Birmingham England.

First discovering from one day to the other she could draw photo-realistically; then years later the art of simultaneous drawing. And as if this wasn’t enough she started to draw 4 drawings at the same time and after a joke from a journalist she apparently was able to paint with her feet also. 

She thinks that people can do much more than they think they are capable of; not only when it comes to creating art. For her it’s about discovering the possibilities when she puts a lot of effort in something, learn from mistakes, having a lot of patience and set the limit a bit higher each time.

Rajacenna is appointed by the city councilor Work & Income of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) as ‘Heart Chaser’. She represents people with a distance to the labour market to get jobs so that they can show their unique talents and develop themselves further.

Early years

At 4 years old she started modelling for various wellknown Dutch companies. Her first time on TV was when she was 5 years old in a Dutch TV-show. After that she had some roles in Dutch soaps, films and tv-series.
When she was 12 years she began as a presenter of the first Dutch WebTV for children. She also broadcasted on the local television. She interviewed many famous Dutch people but also world famous people like Phil Collins, David Faustino, Ken Kercheval and Lorenzo Lamas.

What celebrities say about Rajacenna


Celesta on the contrary demonstrates that once you let your talents or dreams get destroyed by others; you remain wondering around this planet thinking what on earth you were meant to do here.

From what you initially thought to be your talent; then can change to multiple different other talents causing confusion all over the place.

Another nasty side effect is when you indeed have a lot of other talents; that you just don’t know anymore what the right one is.

One of the reasons her dreams fell apart, has to do with the insane child birth she gave to Rajacenna. They both survived that evening barely and since then both have to deal with health issues.

They both were able though to transform big challenges to positive and creative outcomes and worked both around the health limits they faced.

Celesta’s turbo quick timeline went from successful, sick, broke, 30 years immune deficiency, then successful again.

Her experiences and multi expertise didn’t remain unnoticed and got featured in prominent national newspapers, magazines and did her projects appear on national tv.

Celesta in a nut shell (a large one):

Celesta was owner of a news paper at 12 years old, editorial secretary well known Dutch magazine, since 1989 entrepreneur coffee expert/import, acted in TV-series, since 1999 blogger/writer, mom of quadridexter drawing artists and former child prodigy Rajacenna, kidsTV producer, red carpet photographer, immune deficiency since 1993, webhoster, webdesigner, published 45 own (successful/wellknown) websites, cartoonist/illustrator, wrote 4 books, Painted with 33 Dutch celebrities, worked with Ali Hewson and Bono, PR/Marketing/Management Rajacenna 1997-now, Exclusive Importer pumpkinseedoil/Acme cups, Tarot reader, Published 45 own (wellknown websites), EVP paranormal research since 1974, Tarot reader since 2007, last 13 yrs working on biography, is sometimes an 8y (with emphasis on) old obnoxious kid on tiktok (45K)

Considering this confusing amount of different talents; we can conclude she’s multi-talented which in itself is a good thing as long as you stay mentally sane.

As last we need to mention that beside being the transmitter of Rajacenna’s DNA, which was a major genetic confusion; she inherited the soccer-genes of her famous grandpa. He was famous for making goals with his left foot, right from the center spot from the football field and was showcased in many Dutch newspapers and magazines during the thirties of 1900.

During Celesta’s childhood she also was a talented soccer player just like her mom also was (which was rare in those times for girls). After 50 years people still make comments of her having made impact with her left foot skills.

In other words: she should have been professional soccer player because that seemed her main talent. Apparently it didn’t go along that line.